Matt McKay on mountaintop
Matt McKay on mountaintop

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This week's headlines:
*It's the Fourth of July and Fare Thee Well weekend!

   *Our River Rock Inn drawing happens Sunday

      *River Rock's Jill Ballinger, Nakoma Resort GM Dan Gallagher, and Marriott Golf Academy's Mike Ellis check in

         *Hurry and get in there! The River Rock Inn Contest ends tomorrow - qualify today!


It's the Fourth of July weekend! And there's nothing more United Statesy than hot dogs, apple pie The Grateful Dead, and The Elevated Tee! Let The Elevated Tee ease you into the day after the 4th with by catching you up on all the golf happenings around the world - and there were plenty last week - and get you set for the day's final rounds, the Women's World Cup Final, and of course, The Grateful Dead's final concert! We'll also have make-up visits with Nakoma Resort GM Dan Gallagher and Marriott Golf Academy senior instructor Mike Ellis. River Rock Inn owner Jill Ballinger will also make another appearace in conjunction with our River Rock Inn Drawing, which takes place tomorrow in the show's final segement. Thown in The ANA Inspiration Tour Flyover, In Your Area presented by the Southern California Golf Association, The Elevated Tee News presented by the Southern California PGA, and a heaping helping of the Good Ol' Grateful Dead, and you've got a banner transmission from the world's first and only psychedelic and sustainable golf radio program. So make plans now to click the Newstalk 920 link adjacent, or tune in via traditional terrestrial AM waves at KPSI 920 AM in the Coachella Valley Sunday at 8:05 a.m. Pacific and declare your independence from run-of-the-mill sports talk radio.


And also remember: the easiest and least expensive way to take in California's Gold Country and Yosemite National Park this summer is by basing up at the River Rock Inn in Mariposa. It's even cheaper if you WIN The Elevated Tee's River Rock Inn Vacation Getaway! Tomorrow we'll give away three nights at the River Rock Inn where honest comfort and primo vittles await. From there's it's a short drive to the Park, and you'll have four one day passes granting access to one of the world's most spectacular areas. You'll also have complimentary access to the Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch to add even more adventure and elevation to your trip! Registration is easy - "like" The Elevated Tee's Facebook page, then "like" the River Rock Inn's Facebook page, and you're in - simple as that! You can also enter by following host Matt McKay on Twitter @planetmckay. Let the radio program that loves you help you fall in love with California!



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